The Process Is a SET UP!


Health Law: There are NO short cuts to long lasting and good health.

Why, because God designed the world and life to function by laws and principles. Whenever you have an idea that you want to initiate or act on, the LAW OF PROCESS immediatley kicks in. Why? Process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a proticular result or end. 

So essentially process is designed to SET YOU UP for success, but whenever we skip the process by looking for short cuts, we will always end up with an incomplete result. 

Examine Yourself,

Have you been trying to take short cuts to achieve your fitness goals? Magic Diet pills, surgeries, restricted diet plans, etc. 


You are the initiator of change in your health, but PROCESS controls how much change actually happens in you. Don't give up. Go through the process, because it develops self-discipline and your character. Don't expect to get FIT overnight. It takes time.


I promise you will see change in your health if you do not quit! GUARANTEED! 

Your Coach,